PVP Sociedade Anonima is a firm with great history and big plans for sustainable growth.

We are leader in our market, thanks to the quality of our products. We work to create a better future, offering products and services that benefit the final client and, as a consequence, promote the company development and create income for our shareholders.


Hard work

Company growth is possible just through hard work. We always ask for the best from our employees so that they can be known and respected for their commitment and effort.

Constant search for excellence

Search for excellence needs to be a state of mind in order to pervade all our activities and guarantee our products good quality, our clients, suppliers and community respect and allow constant growth of the company.

Creativity & Innovation

All the recent progress technology and globalization created an extremely competitive environment; this leads to the need for creativity in order to create innovation, improve and overcome obstacles.


Our relationship with clients, employees and co-workers must be transparent and founded on responsibility and trust.

Ethic & Social Responsibility

All our strategies must be led by etic and responsibility toward everyone, always looking to the improvement of the company.


A balance among economic, social and environmental needs is fundamental to preserve all biodiversity and create a positive impact (social, cultural, economic) for the communities.