PVP develops sustainability through these projects:


To PVP s/a, sustainable development is reached when its production, especially of food ingredients and additives, generates income for the shareholders and for anyone else involved and leaves a positive social, economic and environmental legacy in the area where production is performed.

This is one of our principles: to achieve a sustainable management of our production through the balance among economic, social and environmental needs.

The objective of our company philosophy is to: give our stakeholders the highest profit possible, keep fair working conditions for all the employee, find long terms partnerships with our suppliers and clients, guarantee constant supply and market value to our clients, beside support the growth of all the communities, regions and countries collaborating with us and keep a constant and active relation with our stakeholders.


The program has the objective of preserving the Caatinga and Cerrado ( two kinds of savanna typical of Brazil region) through sustainable use and commercialization of its products, especially the Fava d’Anta (Dimorphandra mollis).

In order to reach this objective we constantly work on our relationship with the communities with the presence of a trained team during the whole collect process; we strengthen the commercialization establishing a price that pays fairly all people involved; we help the development of good handling though distribution of handbooks and proper tools.


PVP solid waste program aims to improvement of health situation of community, by selective collection, transport and final disposal of solid waste produced in the firm. The project identifies all possible problems given by different kind of waste and all possible management alternatives by showing plans, programs and actions that can lead to positive changes.


Sustainable use means knowing how to satisfy our need for natural resources without harming the new generations. To Pvp water is a fundamental resource in the production process. The objective of the program is to have high quality of water respecting sanity parameters, at lower cost and avoiding wastage.

To reach this objective, PVP started producing its water by collecting pluvial water in its own ETA-Estaçao de Tratamento de Agua (Water Treatment Plant). Water is then used in cooling towers and in the furnace and to produce energy.


We understand that it is a priority to decrease our use of energy so we developed our Energetic Resources Policy, which follows two principles: Economic Rationality and Sustainability. We started then using renewable energy sources and decreasing costs.

The main objectives of the policy are:

  • Increase energetic efficiency and decrease outcomes;
  • Improve the use of primary sources of energy, substituting gradually the use of public energy;
  • Reduce emission of greenhouse gases.

Some programs were developed to reach a sustainable and rational energetic model without compromising the company competitiveness:

PVP Energetic Efficiency Program;

PVP Renewable Energy Program;

Atmospheric Emission Reduction Program.